$28 Metallic Powder Super Store

Our Metallic Powder Store offers a HUGE variety of color options. With the cheapest pricing in the industry, we are the leading online store for metallic powders and stains.


The Concrete Protector offers a premium line of metallic powders. We separate ourselves from the competition by offering 25 color options at an unbeatable price.


The Concrete Protector Metallic Stains Flooring System is perfect for:

  • Residential living spaces, Garage floors, Basement remodeling.
  • Retail stores, Hotels & casinos, Sports arenas, Resorts & spas, Shopping malls.
  • Office buildings, Schools & Universities, Medical facilities & clean rooms, Veterinary clinics.
  • Dealership showrooms, Restaurants, Food prep areas, Theme parks, Industrial floors.

Featured Products

The Concrete Protector's Metallic Powders

Metallic Marble Stains from The Concrete Protector bring the sophisticated look of marble floors to your existing concrete floor. Our 1-quart size containers mix with 1.5 gallons of clear epoxy to make a floor that looks like marble, but without the high price. Use with Concrete Protector Neat Coat Epoxy for the best results for your floor. Our Metallic Marble Stains combine the industrial strength of our clear epoxy (sold separately) with specially-formulated metallic additives to make a floor that is protected and visually stunning. The resulting look will enhance the look of your home or business for a fraction of the cost of traditional marble floors. Combine colors to make a one-of-a-kind look for your floor. The high-gloss finish transforms your concrete from plain to elegant in no time at all.